Advent Informatics Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based start-up. Advent Informatics focuses on providing well-renowned software to Indian researchers and students working in the field of Chemoinformatics, Molecular Modelling, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Data Curation and Chemical and Biological Data Management. We collaborate with prominent software providers from across the globe and make their software available in India. We currently represent software and solutions for ChemAxon Kft, MolSoft LLC, KeyModule, The Edge and Transgene.

Our experience in the Life Sciences domain, over the last 10 years, enables us to conduct custom-tailored workshops for academic and industry professionals in Chemoinformatics. Apart from providing sales and marketing support, Advent Informatics is well recognized as a customer-centric company and our clients rate our support services as one of the most responsive in the industry.We also offer custom software development related to Life Sciences.

Our Principle Partners