Chemical Drawing

Chemical Editors are the most basic but most essential tool in bio-chemical research. To facilitate the easy and efficient drawing of chemical structures and biomolecules on desktop or on the web, we offer the following editors.

Marvin Beans

Marvin Suite is a globally accepted chemical editor and viewer. Marvin Beans package consists of MarvinSketch, MarvinView. Marvin Beans is offered free to academics and non-profits. Marvin Sketch is a fully loaded chemically intelligent chemical editor supporting drawing, editing and rendering of all kinds of simple and complex chemical structure in 2D and 3D with publication quality graphics. Marvin recognizes a wide variety of chemical formats so users can use it to interconvert between structural formats.

Viewing of already drawn structures or reactions along with the associated date in the files can be done by using MarvinView which supports viewing in 2D and 3D. It’s a lightweight application which can help users calculate additional properties like logP, logD, IUPAC names, pKa with an additional license. Users can also extract chemical structures from documents by importing them directly into MarvinView provided the additional license of Document to structure is included.


MarvinJS is a futuristic chemical editor built for the web. Draw and edit chemical structures, reactions, markush structures, query molecules, and much more. It also supports abbreviated groups, peptide drawing, and editing in 3D. Offering support for multiple input formats MarvinJS ensures that you don’t have to redraw the structures again. It’s easy integration into web applications and makes it the chemical editor of choice for many of our partners. MarvinJS can be integrated into any web browser that supports JavaScript and HTML5.

The customizable interface allows administrators to be flexible with the interface and also pipe in custom calculations using RESTful web services.  We provide some optional web services like 2D/3D clean, automap, stereo calculation along with the MarvinJS license. Additional functionalities like physio-chemical properties or conversion of structure to name can be enabled using additional web services from ChemAxon.


Macromolecules are increasingly become important. Drawing macromolecules is a tedious job, however with the launch of BioEddie we expect to reduce the time and effort taken to draw macromolecules drastically. BioEddie is a web-based sketcher and viewer for biological macromolecules, where users can seamlessly define and sketch complex biomolecules. BioEddie come equipped with a monomer library which can be extended or modified.

BioEddie creates exact chemical descriptions for heterogenous products, with the capability to narrow down fully characterized to fully unknown molecules and biological sequences – not excluding exotic bioconjugates. The simple interface also allows to import sequences and HELM notations and edit them, if needed on the atom and bind level also.