Envision Biotechnology – The Herbal Discovery Platform

Envision Biotechnology establishes the essential and necessary knowledge and scientific informatics toolkits to discover new drugs from natural products and to discover new natural products by reverse pharmacology. We provide the scientific and consumer community with reliable knowledge on herbal medicine and dietary supplements paving the way to safer and more efficient use of plant-based dietary supplements and medicine.

Envision Biotechnology is privately owned by Peter Hovarth and Timea Polgar and has offices in Budapest, Hungary and Grandville, Michigan, US. Envision Biotechnology’s ‘Herbal Discovery Platform (HDP)’can support the discovery workflow and accelerate the research and discovery phase by offering evidence-based knowledge readily available for scientists.

Our Team

Data Curators

Envision Biotechnology works with a team of professional data curators from all over the word. Our curator team localizes in Hungary, Cameroon and India. They are specialized in manual and semi-automatic data curation and knowledge management and work in a virtual office.


Envision Biotechnology works with VentureDevs to develop high-quality software solutions for scientific services. VentureDevs offers a complete solution for agile software development and meets our high standards and tight deadlines.

Our Approach

– Semi-automatic knowledge extraction for Data Curation
Semi-automatic knowledge extraction (automatic data annotation combined with manual data curation by a team of PhD scientists)

– Cheminformatics included
Chemical structures are included in database, Phytochemistry is included: we gather all the chemicals that are related to one plant

–  Reverse Pharmacology supported
Chemical information is related to Molecular Targets (BioAssays) that indicates the underlying mechanism of action, supporting pharmacognosy research

– Clinical studies added
Relevant knowledge from clinical studies are added to underlie the effect and efficiency of a certain plant and highlight the risks of taking such plants.

– Ethnobotanical Uses
Traditional studies, Ethnobotanical details are also added to the knowledge-base that could serve as an indicator for further studies and possible usages.

– Visual Data Mining for visualization
is the process of interaction and analytical reasoning with our novel visual representations of complex herbal data. The process may lead to the visual discovery of robust patterns, relationships.