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Keymodule Ltd. is a chemoinformatics software company which specializes in the development of toolkits and applications for chemical and pharmaceutical research.

CLiDE is one of the popular products from KeyModule, CLiDE is a long-term project, started in 1991 as a research project at the University of Leeds. In 2006, the development of CLiDE was handed to Keymodule Ltd., a company based in the UK.

CLiDE Standard and Professional are coupled with a sleek user interface offering the following features:

  • An easy-to-use document viewer modelled on Acrobat Reader
  • Split view for easy comparison of source and extracted structures
  • Indications of structures that are faulty. The problematic areas within faulty structures are highlighted
  • Editing of extracted structures by transferring them directly to ChemDraw, Accelrys Draw (formerly Symyx Draw and ISIS Draw) and Marvin Sketch

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