“Successful Hypothesis and Synthesis tracking with Chemaxon’s Design Hub.”

In this webinar, Dora Barna, Chemaxon’s Principal Application Scientist presented how a hypothesis and synthesis management platform facilitates data-driven decision-making and increases the efficiency of drug discovery project execution.

We explored the following challenges that DMTA project teams face when making decisions about the compounds to synthesize next.

  • How to optimize the potency, safety, and bioavailability considering experimental data, predictions, and experts’ opinions?
  • How to achieve efficient resource management while maintaining alignment with project objectives?
  • How to keep focus on the project’s core hypothesis as the project progresses?

We present Design Hub, Chemaxon’s solution for tracking the design and synthesis of compounds, while staying focused on key project objectives and success criteria.

  • Analyze predicted properties and resource availability to prioritize compounds
  • Follow synthesis progress on an interactive, multi-level Kanban board and detect blockers and bottlenecks immediately
  • Look at ongoing activities and prioritize compounds and assays for testing
  • Evaluate compound efficacy and safety for necessary improvements

Watch the recorded webinar on this link by filling out the form. For more details contact us at info@adventinformatics.com

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